Compliance at HyperWire

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Risk based assessments

At HyperWire we take a sophisticated risk-based approach to anti-money laundering in order to identify and prevent high-risk payments.

Differing levels of 'proofs' may be required depending on the size of transaction you wish to complete. Despite a need for controls we make the process painless for transactions up to many millions.

Clearing single large transactions

Most transactions are cleared quickly and easily online. With single large transactions we may require further validation, identity and background. In such cases, one of our client service staff will work directly with you to complete the process as quickly as possible. 

Our approach to compliance

At HyperWire we apply the same levels of security, reliability and compliance that customers expect to receive from mainstream banks. The same procedures are followed right across our range of products and services and we have gone to great lengths to meet or exceed the requirements with the minimum of inconvenience to clients.

Know your customer

We also follow a comprehensive 'Know Your Customer' process and screen against a wide range of sanctions lists as well as excluding payments to high risk countries. This process is mostly automated and does not introduce any delays.

KYC/AML services clients with accounts

All our services will be extended to customers as required. When you open your own payment account with us we will automatically run KYC/AML screening of all your transactions free of charge.