HyperWire Products & Services

Currency Converter

Fast Inexpensive FX Transfers

Set up an online account, or call our dealers for personal service. Our fast, safe friendly service will save you a fortune on every transfer you make. Whatever the reason for your FX transfers, use HyperWire to get the very best deal in the market.

Disruptive ProductsProperty Purchase & Sale

Disruptive technology and creative thought lie behind the truly massive savings to be made when transferring funds for property purchases or sales. Call us for a quotation and then compare us to the rate given by your bank. What you save could pay for a significant part of your building and renovation work.

Travel Funds and other paymentsSupport Family Overseas

Whether you have children travelling or being educated overseas, or dependants at home to look after, nothing could be simpler than letting HyperWire take care of your regular family payments. We can help you plan your forex requirements ahead to significantly reduce the cost involved. Call one of our dealers to discuss your needs. 

Payroll and Contractor Solutions

Set up account with us to make all your regular overseas payroll, contractor or supplier FX payments via your online account.  HyperWire offer world beating rates and savings of up to 90% over the High Street banks and other FX payment processors, 

At HyperWire we have used our knowledge and experience to develop a really great range of payment products. We have something for everyone, so take some time to browse around.

Here you will find new ways to do things, and while doing so saving yourself up to 90% of the charges you would traditionally pay.

We try to make things fiendishly simple, enjoy using our products, and love the results.