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We give transparent online pricing and trading for all your foreign exchange transactions - Commission free. If you are importing or exporting, and you have foreign exchange transfers to make then transact online through our easy to use trading platform and lock in our highly competitive rates. Pay your overseas employee payroll quickly and easily and save on transfer costs.


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If you are buying or selling overseas property then you can make huge instant savings through HyperWire, just compare our rates with the High Street and others. Are you sending money home to loved ones, paying overseas college fees, or making or receiving other foreign payments? Relax and trust us to deliver quickly, and at highly competitive rates.

A Little Caution

You should not deal with a foreign exchange provider who cannot demonstrate that they are fully regulated. Regulation is there to protect you.

You can visit the FCA website to learn more about the regulatory environment in the United Kingdom and what it means for your protection and consumer rights.

Financial Conduct Authority