Why you must check your FX Rates !

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Sad Facts on the High Street

From flat rate transfer charges and overseas banks receiving fees, to more obscure charges like Anti-Money Laundering costs, the overall fees that a bank charges can quickly add up depending on the size and complexity of the payment involved.

Standard payment fees can go as high as £20-25, and even those banks who offer “commission-free” transaction options can make between a 5-7% margin due to their loaded exchange rates.

Ultimately, the accumulation of all these hidden fees means that traditional banks can charge anywhere between 4% and a whopping 15% for sending money abroad.

HyperWire delivers clarity and good value.

Fairness and Transparency

Manage your end to end international payments with us for 1.0% or less, regardless of the currency pair and destination, through our world leading Payment Engine. 

No hidden fees 

We don’t hide our charges in the Foreign Exchange price – we pass our wholesale rates to you. Take advantage of our global banking network and benefit from the economies we make by aggregating large volumes. 

Choose your Payment Fee

Regular ZERO! - Payments normally take 1-3 days and cover 31 countries. 100% of the amount sent will arrive on the other side

Priority $9.00 - Payments normally arrive same day, and cover 212 countries

NB: Correspondent fees and landing fees may be applied to Priority payments by your own bank. These are levied by banks in the SWIFT network and outside of our control. Additional charges will be made for changes to executed payments.