Full Featured FX Management

Currency Converter

Buy and Sell Currencies

Buy and sell multiple currencies using real-time rates to control risk and lock in savings.

Make Payments

Send international and local payments. Set up and save payment runs. Choose how to route your payments.

Receive Funds

Monitor the status of inbound funds for conversion into local currency and/or making outward payments.

Manage your FX Risk

Buy or sell Forward Contracts, set Market Orders, buy FX options - a variety or risk control and currency hedging options available.

Comprehensive but easy client interface

Our interface lets you trade, make payments and view simple reports that show balance, conversion and payment status in real time. You can set up your recipients and regular payments in advance.

At HyperWire we have used our knowledge and experience to develop a really great range of payment products. We have something for everyone, so take some time to browse around.

Here you will find new ways to do things, and while doing so saving yourself up to 90% of the charges you would traditionally pay.

We try to make things fiendishly simple, enjoy using our products, and love the results.