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Account Opening

Account opening question group

How do I open an Account?

It's easy as 1-2-3

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How does the transfer process work?

Just opening an account and agree a rate with your personal Account Manager. You will receive an order confirmation. you will then be asked to supply details of the beneficiary account before sending your funds to our client account. As soon as the funds have cleared your foreign currency will be immediately sent to your beneficiary account – it’s as simple as that! Meanwhile your funds are safe in our segregated and insured client money accounts.

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Single Fast Transfers

Making one off transfers

What must I do to make a single payment?

Easy steps 1-2-3

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Regular monthly payments

How to make regular monthly payments

What must I do to make a series of regular payments?

Getting started ....

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How much do transfers cost?
How much does it cost to transfer currency with HyperWire?


Opening an account with HyperWire is free, and there’s no obligation to trade. Furthermore, HyperWire will secure you a competitive exchange rate and won’t charge transfer fees or commission.


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